Panayiotis Verropoulos

Visual Effects Artist & Compositor

Intro Titles

Stylistic titles made to resemble a broken DNA strand. The letters flying around are nucleotides symbols. Sequence was made with After Effects.

Wound placement and CG arm

Hand was tracked and markers cleaned out. Foot that was visible on the table also cleaned out. Wound was hand painted with Photoshop. Using pfTrack the hand was tracked and the CG arm was animated using the track as a guide. CG arm was given by a classmate, Sean Lin, and edited further by me. Wound was then tracked back into the arm and using different corner pins the wound was matched to the arm movement. Many layers of the wound were placed to give depth. Lightwrap was used for the edging of the wound. Everything was put together in Nuke and the flashback effect was achieved in After Effects

Robotic Surgical Arm

CG surgical arm placed on a tracked and cleaned out plate. Ceiling light has an added glow to contribute to the overall flashback effect. Plasma beam was achieved using Maya and Nuke together. Tracked using Mocha, CG arm created in Maya and everything was put together in Nuke. Flashback effect was achieved through After Effects.

Eye Replacement

Eye replacement and glow when subject wakes up from a dream. Shows the robotic nature of the subject and how it affects his emotions.

Photograph Replacement

Right photograph was replaced with a photograph of the couple. Reflection and shadows were added back on top and the camera blur was matched.

Sub-Surface Glow

A very subtle sub surface glow was created using different mattes to give the feeling that the subject is affected by what he is seeing.

Mirror HUD

The first shot on the mirror is comprised of two different tracks. One background track to match the HUD elements to the mirror movement and a second track on the face to have elements track and follow the face movements independently. HUD elements were custom made in after Effects. Shot was tracked using Mocha, and everything was put together using Nuke.

Red Eye Replacement

Just before the sequence goes into the brain there is a very quick red glow of the eye to indicate that something is wrong. Eye was tracked and replaced and a slight glow was added around the eye area.


A stylistic approach to how the inside of the subject's brain looks. Organic matter was tampered with and he is struggling to deal with what he is. The red color, filling the neurons at the end shows exactly that. Neurons created using Maya, and textured using procedural texturing techniques and multiple shaders. Everything was brought back in Nuke for integration and then into After Effects for that stylistic look.

Synapses Firing

A stylistic approach to how synapses are firing inside the brain. The subject being an android it has multiple levels of organic like organs and I wanted to show that inside each one of his neurons there is a universe like system that is constantly working.

Mirror HUD

Custom designed elements were created and placed in the tracked plate. Foreground subject was rotoed out and HUD elements were applied with a slight back reflection to show that they are in fact placed in the mirror.

Ending Title

The ending title was made to resemble a large screen comprised of multiple monitors that are randomly turning on.